Television Production & Awards

The following images connect to programs produced by Larry Patchett for Colorado Public Television’s flagship Public Affairs program, Colorado Inside Out.

Colorado Inside Out is a lively Public Affairs Program featuring Journalists, Pundits and Activists discussing world and regional events.

A Time Machine episode is produced each year to run as holiday programming. We look back to a year with issues that reflect or resonate with the present.  We then produce the show as if our panel were working in the year we visit, complete with period looking sets and costumes. When possible, we also use period microphones to help transport viewers back to the eras we visit.

As you can see, Time Travel has been very good to the CPT12 team.

LGP Emmys

Colorado Inside Out circa 1964 ~The newest addition to the series

2015 Colorado Broadcasters Association Award winner
Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 12.53.50 PM

Colorado Inside Out circa 1973 ~2014 Emmy Award winning program

Colorado Inside Out circa 2025 ~Online Special Edition
Time Machine 2025

Colorado Inside Out circa 1912 ~2013 Emmy nomination
Time Machine 1912

Colorado Inside Out circa 1951 ~2012 Emmy nomination

Colorado Inside Out circa 1935 ~2011 Emmy Award winning program

2011 Emmy Award winning Sound Design

2010 Colorado Broadcasters Association Award Winner

Colorado Inside Out circa 1959 ~2010 Emmy Award winning program

Colorado Inside Out circa 1858 ~2009 Emmy Award winning program

Colorado Inside Out circa 1927 ~2008 Emmy  nomination

Colorado Inside Out ~Old Auraria Neighborhood

This mini-documentary explores the history of Denver’s first neighborhood, Auraria. Most of the neighborhood was destroyed in the early 1970s to make way for the current campuses of the University of Colorado at Denver, Metropolitan State University and the Community College of Denver.

Time Machine Auraria